Speaking Up On Social Media

For the past few weeks I have been reading a lot about depression and mental health on social media. People seem to be very concerned about mental health these days.

It’s good that people are talking about mental health. Is it really getting the attention it deserves or is it just another social media trend that will pass once another trend arrives.

What bothered me the most is the lack of awareness among the people talking about it. I felt most of the people were posting because they didn’t want to miss out on the bandwagon.

I narrowed down the social media posts I read into two sections.

Summarizing What Section One Posted
This is for everyone. My Facebook/ Twitter/ Whatsapp is always on. Please talk to me if you need to. If you don’t feel alright, I am there to listen.

Summarizing What Section Two Posted
It’s really strange to see people posting things like they care and they are there to listen. Whereas they are also the ones who do no reply to texts and answer the calls on time. So please stop posting these things if you don’t mean it and are not going to be able to keep your word.

Some of these posts resulted into debates in the comment section.

And what happens when we run out of logical comebacks for replies?
The debates get dirty and personal.

The debate turns into a fight and what remains of the debate is just name calling. People get so involved in proving themselves right that they forget that they have hurt the other person in the process of proving themselves right. The biggest irony in all this is they end up hurting each other while debating on ‘mental health’.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we might be the reason behind someone losing his or her peace of mind. Only because we hate to be proved wrong.

Debating and sharing different ideas is good. But not at the cost of pushing someone into self-doubt and depression.

This happens because most of us listen to reply and do not listen to understand. Advising or correcting might not be the need of the hour always.

I believe our world will be a lot better place if we start to listen.

Akash Chaudhuri
Email Id: akashchaudhuri93@gmail.com
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