Bangalore Rains

Every city has something special about it. If we consider food then Kolkata has mishti doi and roshogolla, Hyderabad has biriyani, and Bangalore has filter coffee. But what about anything other than food? Culture? History? Diversity?

Madiwala, Bangalore

There is one thing that separates Bangalore from most other cities of the country. That is its weather. The weather in Bangalore is pleasant throughout the year. The most interesting aspect of this weather is it rains almost eight months of the year and most particularly in the evenings. No matter how much the temperature rises in the day, it rains and calms everything down in the evening. This makes Bangalore a popular attraction to many foreign investors and likely so many companies have set up their offices in the city. This has resulted in the migration of a lot of graduates from different parts of the country to Bangalore in quest of better career opportunities. But was Bangalore ready for this sudden boom? Was it ready for this unprecedented hike in the population?

Undoubtedly the city looks and smells amazing when it rains. But this beauty is accompanied by a beast. With frequent rainfall comes regular power cuts and internet outages.

Bangalore rains and power cuts go hand in hand since time immemorial. It’s shocking to see that a city that produces lakhs of engineers every year is not able to fix technical problems like these. Is this mere inefficiency? Or is it an intentional move to promote the power backup industry? Just a thought which popped into my head on one such blackout night.

BESCOM is the board responsible for electricity supply in Bangalore 

I wish people could enjoy the beauty of Bangalore’s weather to the fullest instead of worrying about the beast.

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