Chaos in the Time of Corona – II

Continued from Chaos in the Time of Corona – I.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced two events a few days back – #5pm5minutes and #9pm9minutes. He had asked the citizens of India to come out to their balconies on 22nd March at 5pm to clap for 5 minutes. Similarly on 5th April at 9pm to light candles and diyas for 9 minutes. We were asked to do this as a gesture of gratitude towards the medical workers who are working 24×7.

In a country of about 135 crores people it is always expected that there will be some acts of stupidity led by unawareness. Few people took Prime Minister’s request so seriously that they came out on the streets in numbers. Call it misunderstanding? Lack of awareness and common sense? Doesn’t matter.

This resulted in many debates over news channels and social media trolling. But I feel we missed out on appreciating the fact that most people did come out to their balconies in support of the healthcare workers.

My entire locality came out to their balconies and clapped. They also lighted candles and diyas. I don’t think our country has ever come together to support anything other than cricketting milestones. When was the last time our nation united for a reason other than cricket? Atleast I have not seen anything like this in my lifetime.


I felt a positive vibe. I felt strong when I heard the people of my locality clap together or when I saw them switch on their mobile flashlights in unity. People usually pay to watch such stadium-like experiences. I may sound foolish but it felt like we were backing the healthcare workers similar to how we back our team in the stadium. It felt like we were all in this together.

Disclaimer – I do not support the actions of  people who came out on the streets. But we shouldn’t make these events only about criticising the negatives. We should also take out some time to appreciate the positives.

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