The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Review

Author: Robin Sharma
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Pages: 196

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a story about Julian Mantle, a brilliant, handsome and fearless trial attorney. A Harvard Law School graduate turned litigation lawyer whose courtroom theatrics regularly made the front pages of the newspaper.

Julian was very successful and affluent. He had a great professional reputation, a seven figure income, a spectacular mansion in a neighborhood favored by celebrities, a private jet, a summer home on a tropical island and a prized possession – a shiny red Ferrari.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is about a physically, emotionally and spiritually drained workaholic lawyer.

John, who was a junior to Julian, sees everything very closely. Julian had selected him to be his assistant for a case which later came to be known as “The Mother of all Murder Trials”.

The story begins when Julian Mantle suffers a heart attack on a Monday morning in the very court room where he had won many cases. Post the heart attack, Julian quits his law firm, sells all his material possessions and decides to set out on a spiritual journey to India.

The story skips to three years later when Julian returns to visit John.

When Julian had left for India, he was fifty-three years old and looked as if he was in his late seventies. Whereas, he looked much younger and appeared to be in pink health on his return. John was surprised to see this incredible transformation. He couldn’t believe that his former colleague, who always used to have a morbid expression, was now glowing radiantly.

Julian wondered in disbelief.

“Was it some magical drug that had allowed him to drink from the fountain of youth? What was the cause of this extraordinary reversal?”

John asks Julian about the secret behind this magical transformation.

Julian narrates his experiences and learning from his time in India and how he met the Mystic Sages of Sivana. He shares all the wisdom that he had learned to lead a more prosperous and rewarding life. He tells how physical, emotional and spiritual goal setting is as important as our materialistic goals. He describes all these life lessons through a fable which he had learned from the Sages of Sivana.

The book relays many secrets of leading a purposeful life. Although, it becomes monotonous and repetitive at times, it explains every life changing practice with logic and reason.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is not just a tale of wisdom from the mystical land of Sivana, it also raises some very hard and realistic questions to the modern way of life.

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