Savandurga Hill Fort Trek

A friend of mine had come from Hyderabad to visit me for a week. The vacations were about to end and we had nothing planned as such. We made a sudden plan and decided to go for a trek to Savandurga.

Savandurga is a hill 60 kms west of Bengaluru. It is a part of the Deccan plateau and is considered one of the largest monoliths of Asia. Savandurga is very popular among rock climbers and hiking enthusiasts. Weather plays a very important role as far as climbing or trekking is concerned. It’s really difficult to climb Savandurga on a bright sunny day. That’s why many prefer a midnight trek over a day trek at Savandurga.

We started early from Electronics City and reached Savandurga around 11 in the morning. It was the month of October and the weather was friendlier.

Veerabhadraswamy Temple at the foot of the hill marks the starting point of the trek. We started our climb and as we progressed, the weather no more seemed friendly. The terrain was rocky and very highly inclined at places. It’s so steep that anything you drop might roll down the slope even before noticing.

Onwards and Upwards

Savandurga is also one of the most popular places for serious slab climbing in the world.  A pretty nice view of the forest below accompanies you throughout the climb. The view gets better the higher you get. You will also find small stretches of jungle and old fort walls towards the later stage of the climb.

We climbed, stopped, rested and struggled our way to the top.

View from the top

Visiting Savandurga is a must for adventure enthusiasts in and around Bengaluru. Good pair of climbing shoes, plenty of water and will to reach the top is all you need!

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