Carols, Cakes and Colors

Growing up in a Christian locality, I looked forward to Christmas every year. Christmas meant carols, cakes and colors. Red, white and green colors to be specific.

Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Reindeer, Stars, Bells and Lights – every little thing about Christmas used to excite me as a kid.

Christmas started from a small surprise wrapped into a sock from Santa, moving on to attending the morning mass at the Sacred Heart Church, coming back home to plum cakes and pastries, then being glued to the television for the rest of the day watching the nth rerun of Harry Potter on POGO.

The entire locality used to be decked up with lights and people wearing Santa caps was just a normal thing. The Sacred Heart Church had a barn model depicting the time when Jesus was born. The barn had little Jesus surrounded by Father Joseph, Mother Mary and a few lambs. All these little sculptures enhanced the decorations of the place.

Christmas Tree at Allen Park, Kolkata

Few more years down the line, Christmas in Kolkata meant a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral and Park Street. Also, standing in queues at Nahoum and Sons for cakes.

Decorations at Park Street, Kolkata
St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata

Having been moved to Bangalore for around four years now, Christmas is just another day when I don’t have to go to office. It’s a day when I get some extra sleep, get done with the pending household chores and watch Netflix. But I still continue to watch Harry Potter every now and then.

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