Going Places

What comes to your mind whenever you hear about a place ? You desire to go to that place ? You wonder about the food or the rich culture there ? Or maybe memories of the past start gushing into your mind ?

Places are filled with memories. How important a place is to a person doesn’t depend on the place itself, it depends on the memories that person has of the place. But memories fade with time, so do the importance of the place to the person. Yes, people move on.

Sometimes, you connect to a place immediately. But most of the time, you start missing the place once you have left. For example, school or college. Most people hate the idea of going to the class every morning until the day comes when it’s over. People shed tears and bid farewell to each other in the hope of meeting again someday sometime. But in most cases, people get busy with their lives, meetings become rare and eventually stop. Still ‘those days won’t come back again‘ and ‘those days were the best days of our lives‘ are the most heard lines from every person talking about their childhood or teenage. Normal human behavior, right ? People learn to value things only when it’s over.

It often happens that a person runs away from a place because of the bad experiences  he/ she has had over there. Some other person wants to go back to the same place or never leaves at the first place due to the good experiences he/ she has had there. Circumstances and situations change, but that place remains the same. It treats different people differently.

Yes, life takes us to places. Sometimes it’s thought out, sometimes it’s destiny.


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