Plan. Pack. Proceed.

Sipping my favorite cardamom tea amidst the daily rat-a-tat of office, I was going through an article on the internet. The article was about travelling. While reading it, I realised that the travel bug had caught me at an early age. I have been travelling since I was a year old. My mother being brought up in Nagpur (Maharashtra), we had plenty of relatives there. My grandmother stayed with my uncle in Nagpur. Thus, we always had a trip planned to Nagpur during the summer vacations. If I listed things that used to amuse me the most as a kid, then eating chicken, travelling, watching and playing cricket would always feature on the top and studies at the bottom.

For me, vacations always meant trips and trips meant train journeys. Trees, huts and the lush green fields going in the opposite direction, the never meeting rail lines, the honking of the engine, everything about train journeys captivated me. Travelling with family was always fun, being the youngest in the family I was always pampered. Trips with family have become less frequent, whereas trips with friends have increased in number. I have come across many people who complain about not having like-minded people with whom they can go on a trip. In this case, I consider myself lucky enough to have a group of friends who like to travel at least once every two-three months.

 Travelling takes us to places where we have never been to. We get to see places, meet people and taste different cuisines. It helps us ease out mental stress and allows us to lose ourselves from the mundane life. Life has always been and will always be stressful, so we should take these stress busters in the form of travel once in a while. Travel makes us smart and independent. The more we travel, humbler we become. Travelling turns us into better individuals, better manager and planner of things. Trips with family or friends makes the bond grow stronger. Yes, I have seen friendships shape up over trips and last a lifetime. So please plan and go out. Remember travel is the only expense which makes you rich and as Augustine of Hippo says, “The world is a book, those who do not travel read only a page.”

The snow-covered mountains of Manali, the cloud spread over the Nilgiris, the sun-kissed deserts of Jaisalmer, the heart-shaped lake at Chembra Peak, the roaring waves of Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, every place had a charm of its own. Memories from all the trips are still fresh and there is not a single place I don’t want to revisit. People all over the world come to India every year to study and research our diverse history, culture and land forms. There is no other place like India to start ticking off your bucket list. For those who haven’t started yet, it’s better late than never. Pack your bags and let the journey begin.


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