Ten Million Fireflies

“Five hundred stairs.”, replied the little girl.

“Have you counted?”, asked Tanisha with a naughty smile on her face.

“Yes.”, prompted the girl.

Giggles and playful voices of children murmured all around the place.

With this she started her climb to the famous Moula-Ali Dargah. She wanted to delay the climb till nightfall. But had to start straight away as it was a long way up. The holy chants of “Allah-O-Akbar” were audible as she made her way through the stairs.

“Wow!”, gasped Tanisha once she reached the top of the hill. It was easier than what she had imagined.


The whole city laid in front of her like a swarm of fireflies. The sporadic lightning made it look even more beautiful.

Hours passed like minutes and minutes like seconds. A gust of wind blew into her hair and happiness into her face. She wanted to stay there forever.

Far away from her home, finally something made her happy.

Something made her smile.

Akash Chaudhuri
Email Id: akashchaudhuri93@gmail.com
© All Rights Reserved
Restricting copying, distribution and recompilation.


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