Durga Puja – The Making

After walking through the narrow by-lanes of North Kolkata, we managed to reach Kumartuli. Since ages Kumartuli has been a home to the idol makers of Kolkata. Kumartuli is located by the Ganges and is popularly known as the potters’ quarter.

All the families here are directly or indirectly involved in idol making. Throughout the year they are busy making the idols of Ganesh, Kali, Durga and what not. The idols made here are not only supplied locally, but also exported to foreign countries during the time of Durga Puja.


Every artist here has their own studio where they work day and night. The studios are small and basic structures of wood and bamboo just to prevent the idols from getting wet during the monsoons. The size of the studio varies depending on the stature of the artist.


As you walk through the streets of Kumartuli, you get to witness many such idols which are kept by the side. The broken ones are placed along the road and it enhances the beauty of the place.

The people here get uninterrupted supply of clay and water (the basic need for idol making) as Kumartuli is located by the Ganges.

Idol making comprises many stages. First they make a wooden structure which supports the clay. After the clay is applied, it hangs on to the wooden framework. They proceed with coloring once the clay dries up.

The idols which are made here are massive, generally weighing more than a hundred kilograms. So these wooden trolleys are made to carry these idols from one place to another.

Kumartuli is not only a home to the idol makers of Kolkata, it is also very popular among writers, artists and photographers.

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