Failed Attempt at Film Making

Two years back, in December 2012, my friends and I were working on a short film. We managed to get a friend’s eerie ancestral house for shooting. It was the perfect setting for a horror film as it had a courtyard, a spiral staircase and a veranda. So, we began shooting as per the script written by one of my friends.

The story had six characters – a little boy, four friends (male) and a ghost(female). The story begins with the little boy coming to an old house searching for his lost football. The boy finds something unusual at the house and runs out of the place. Later, a group of four friends go to the house for a night’s stay (sort of campfire).

One of them had inherited the house and wanted to brag about it.

Owing to the sudden disappearances of their friends one after another, they realize that the house was haunted. They try to leave the premises, but keep coming back to the same place again and again, as if they were in some loop. Finally, one succeeds in escaping the house and recites the whole story to the viewers.

By the time the story finishes he realizes that he didn’t actually escape, the apparition had followed him to his own house.

The plot was main stream and pretty similar to any other horror film.

Reasons why we could not finish the movie –

Everything was working out well until we started editing. The problem with this genre is that whatever idea comes to your mind has already been shown in some other film, for example – doors and windows opening or closing, television channels getting changed or maybe anything changing or moving on their own. Lack of originality is the major problem of this genre. While editing we realized that shooting was the easiest and editing the hardest part of film making. A good horror film needs crisp video editing and astounding sound effects, and we had none.

We invested a week’s time on the film and then everybody got busy with their lives. The film remained incomplete. I also realized that it takes a lot of planning for converting the script into a film. No matter how great the script is, it’s the dedication and commitment of each and everyone involved that takes the film to its next level.

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison


first look
The above photo was meant to be the first look poster of the short film 14/A Naskar Lane, if we had finished it.

A Wish

I would like to give film making a shot in the future if I get time, a good script and a person who is good at video editing.

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